Alphacrucis and Harvest to merge
November 2017 -


Harvest Bible College (HBC) and Alphacrucis College (AC) are very pleased to announce that from the beginning of 2018 the two colleges are coming together to create a great Christian education institution.

This significant college will retain the name Alphacrucis College and will also continue the Harvest name and legacy in its educational offerings and through other means. Both colleges have strong histories of delivering quality higher education courses and share complementary missions and visions. The coming together of the two will bring greater strength, resourcing and influence in the mission of Christian higher education.

HBC and AC believe that the great Christian college created through this agreement will be better able to serve the needs of ACC than either institution on their own. Having a single college associated with ACC for the purposes of higher education will greatly benefit the movement.

Offering Certificates, Diplomas, Bachelor and Masters Degrees, and Doctorates in Christian Ministry, Theology, Leadership, Business, Education, and Social Science, AC will serve over 4000 students attending campuses in all Australian states, New Zealand and online.

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