Peace in a storm
ACC Christmas Message
December 2014 - Wayne Alcorn, ACC National President

There are signs everywhere that Christmas is coming. In the northern hemisphere, they are “dreaming of a White Christmas” and for those of us beneath the equator, we are feeling the sweltering effects of summer.

It can be easy to romanticize seasons, yet as residents of Australia know all too well, summer can also bring with it those wild tropical storms. It can be quite a spectacular sight, when you watch the power of these storms from a place of protection, yet they also have the potential to be incredibly destructive.

Every one of us faces storms in life that can have devastating effects on our health, relationships, home and finances. There are some who have been battered by unrelenting storms throughout this past year who may be feeling weary from their battles. Our nation has been shocked by the incidents surrounding the recent Sydney siege. Let’s never forget that the ultimate intention of such acts is to strike fear in the hearts of good people. Thankfully, in the midst of any storm, we can run to a place of peace that is found in the person and presence of Jesus.

When the angels announced the birth of Jesus, they sang “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace and goodwill toward men” (Luke 2:14). God knew that we would face the storms of life so He sent us His Son. At Christmas, we remember and reflect on the greatest gift of God to mankind – the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.

Our prayer for you this Christmas season and beyond is that you may know His peace – the peace of God that surpasses all understanding that will guard your hearts and minds (Philippians 4:7).