National Call to Prayer
Pray at 19h00 against COVID-19
March 2020 - ACC National


ACC National President, Wayne Alcorn, has called for a National Prayer initiative at this time for the Church of Jesus Christ to stand united in prayer. This is supported by National Church leaders from across the country who have united together in a call to Australian Christians to pray in response to the Coronavirus that is gripping the world.

“The Church is standing in the gap as COVID19 Virus causes chaos in every sphere of society, and fear has gripped the hearts and minds of people everywhere,” said ACC National President, Pastor Wayne Alcorn. “Current predictions of worldwide organisations such as W.H.O. are dire, should this pandemic not be stopped. We believe prayer changes things.”
He mentioned that he has been greatly encouraged by the unity and overwhelming support of every expression of the Australian Church. This National Prayer initiative is supported by the heads of Church denominations and Christian ministries, which will commence on Thursday, 19 March at 19h00. 
“We are simply asking all Christians to set their alarms to pray at 19h00 each day, no matter what their time zone,” explained Pastor Wayne Alcorn. “The 19th and 19h00 is simply an effective numerical reminder and connection to COVID19.” 
As individuals and families begin to pray every day, a National Day of Prayer for the Nations amidst COVID-19 will commence on Sunday, 29 March 2020. This will be followed by a month of Sundays of united prayer, including the Easter services. 
With public gatherings over 100 suspended, most churches are embracing technology and holding services online. 
“People will be able to pray wherever they are, during this season,” said Pastor Wayne Alcorn.   “We, the Church of Jesus Christ, will stand united in prayer until we see this pandemic stopped.”

LAUNCHING THIS THURSDAY 19th MARCH at 19h00, and then daily onwards:

1. Set your alarm to pray at 19h00 (no matter what your time zone) each day. (The 19th and 19h00 is simply an effective reminder and connection).

2. Pray for our nation in response to COVID19.

3. Partner with believers from all church denominations and ministries. across the nation, who will unite in prayer through this season.


Let’s stand together on the promise of 2 Chronicles 7:14. and pray in unity the promises of Psalm 91 (an interesting reverse of 19).