The Easter story is not where it ends
April 2022 - Wayne Alcorn, National President

Most people around the world will be familiar with the symbol of the cross. It’s displayed on churches and Bible covers, or worn on chains around necks. It’s the universal symbol of Christianity.

It’s familiar, even in a secular world. The association of the cross with Good Friday – the day that Jesus was crucified – is recognised as an historic event. Every year, Easter is a reminder of this pivotal moment; yet many people stop there; thinking that what they are familiar with or accustomed to, is where it ends.

It is finished.” (John 19:30)

Consider these final words of Jesus before He died on the cross. This wasn’t simply another human life that was put to death at the hands of the Roman Empire.  At that time, crosses with crucified bodies were a common sight; a public spectacle to remind suppressed people of the might of Rome.

The crucifixion of Jesus was a once-in-a-lifetime act of love that has impacted all humankind ever since. The sacrifice of God’s Son who exchanged His life for ours.

Lets never let our familiarity with the Easter story, rob us of the meaning behind this significant season. The Easter story is not where it ends – it is all about a new beginning. The cross was a finish line, signifying an end to the weight of sin and painful past – but it is also a starting line, for a new, revitalised life of promise, blessing and restoration.

May I encourage you this Easter to push beyond any familiar, comfortable traditions. Look beyond the cross and begin to discover the joy and vitality of the resurrection life, available to us all through Jesus, Saviour and Lord of all.