Together. Humanity. Kindness.
April 2020 -



Easter this year is looking a little different from the traditional gatherings and services at church. We are living in unprecedented times, as across the planet, there is a battle against the effects of Covid-19. Along with sickness and disease, and an imminent economic crisis, people around the world are facing isolation, desperation and uncertainty about the future.

In these dark days, we are starting to understand that we have much more in common with our fellow man than many of us realised. In the midst of shared danger, we are seeing a universal language emerge, where words are used like:

• TOGETHER. We are suddenly much more aware of our need of each other. Even though social isolation is demanded across society at this time, there is greater intentionality to connect and support our ‘neighbours’.

• HUMANITY.  Modern man has been lured into a false sense of security, believing that science and technology will deliver us a degree of invincibility. Now, in a moment, we are all aware of our mortality.

• KINDNESS. A pandemic like this has the potential to bring out the best in people. We are discovering that small things do make a big difference, and simple acts of kindness bring hope.

As we approach Easter, we can reflect how the three days summarise not only the Passion Story, but all the emotion that is in the human experience.

• FRIDAY. The lonely, isolated death of Jesus on the Cross was for our togetherness – our reconciliation and relationship with God. Before He faced the Cross, Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane at length that we “may be one” (John 17:21,23).

• SATURDAY. The day when Jesus’ followers felt numb, confused and hopeless reminds us of our humanity, when we find ourselves helpless in the face of adversity. Jesus embraced every dimension of humanity so He can relate to us, and therefore we can relate to Him (Hebrews 4:15).

• SUNDAY. The completion of the Easter story is the resurrection of Jesus – a reminder of the new life He gives. It is through the kindness of God who “so loved the world that He gave His only Son” (John 3:16) that we may face the future with hope.

For all of us walking through this season, Easter brings the message of hope in the face of hopelessness. These three days changed everything. So why not consider the invitation by a risen Saviour to embrace the wonder of all THAT Sunday brings.


CLICK HERE to view the Resurrection Sunday service with Pastor Wayne Alcorn on 12 April 2020 9:30am and 5pm (AEST)