Easter Message 2016
Hope and certainty in uncertain times
March 2016 - Wayne Alcorn, ACC National President

The hope and certainty of Easter stands in stark contrast to the doubt and cynicism that defines the modern era.

Society has become jaded by those in positions of influence and power who make bold statements, only to retract them at a later stage. But statements made at the time of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ – though challenged – have never been retracted.

The death of Jesus is central to the Christian faith. There are many historical facts surrounding His crucifixion and it is interesting that the Gospel writers pay much more attention to Jesus’ death, than to His birth. This is because He was born to die for us all.

It is His resurrection that separates Jesus from every other religious leader throughout history. His grave remains empty, because He rose from the dead. Followers of Christ at the time were so convinced of this fact that they were prepared to die, rather than deny it.

There are two statements in the Easter story that have never been retracted:

It is finished.‘ This means I can have certainty that my past is forgiven.

He is risen.‘ This enables me to live energised by hope for the future. As one old songwriter put it, ‘Because He lives, I can face tomorrow’.

We are all looking for certainty in these uncertain times. Easter offers us a wonderful opportunity to stop and ponder the reasons for real hope, found only in Jesus Christ.