Easter Message 2014
The Power of the empty tomb
April 2014 - Wayne Alcorn

As Christians prepare to celebrate Easter, many around the world may try to make sense of why the death of a man two thousand years ago is worth celebrating.

At first glance the Easter story seems paradoxical; that a loving Father would send His Son to die for a human race that did not return the love that it was shown. Though profound, we know it’s true and it’s reality has the power to change lives. So, as we come into this season, let’s take the time to stop and reflect on both the cross and the empty tomb, for they both carry a powerful message.

We look at the cross and we are filled with gratitude for our past has been dealt with. The sizeable debt of our sin has been cleared – paid in full by the life of God’s own Son. The Christian message, therefore, is not about what we have to do to please God, but rather about what has been done because He loves us. Sin and shame are a thing of the past because of Jesus’ sacrifice.

We look at the empty tomb and we are filled with hope, for our future is secured. Faith in the resurrection gives us hope for a new life; one where the Bible says “all things have become new”. It gives us hope for an empowered life because of the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. It gives us hope for eternal life – living with the confidence of life beyond the grave.

Two short sentences summarise this magnificent story:
From the cross, “It is finished” means my past can be forgiven.
At the empty tomb, “He is risen”, means my future is assured.

I pray we all understand the magnitude of God’s love in a fresh and meaningful way this Easter.