Easter Message 2012
April 2012 - Wayne Alcorn

A tone of uncertainty is evident in society today. Winds of change are blowing and their effects are being felt on many fronts – politics, business, finance and even personal relationships. So many factors, once thought predictable, are no longer rock-solid. Thankfully, there are some things that never change.

The Easter message remains a constant source of confidence in every season of life. The powerful symbols that come into focus at this time – a rugged cross and an empty tomb ­– offer to every one of us what the writer of Hebrews identifies as ‘Hope which is an anchor for our soul’. It’s not mere symbolism alone though, for there’s a declaration that accompanies each of them.

From the cross, the words of Jesus carry such compassion: ’Father forgive them…’ Shame and regret are dealt with through the power of Divine forgiveness.

From the empty tomb, we hear those life-giving words: ‘He is not here for He is risen’. This ­ offers us incredible strength for every challenge we face.

The story is told of a little boy rescued after being lost at sea. When found clinging to a rock, he was asked if he was afraid. He answered, ‘ I sure was. I shook all night…but the rock didn’t move.’ The same can be said of the Easter message – it’s timeless and secure.

God loves us. He showed this graphically through the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus. You may find yourself feeling uncertain about many things at the moment. Our prayer is that you would discover the real hope and genuine security through the life-changing message that Easter brings.