Christmas Message 2013
Celebrating Generosity
December 2013 - Wayne Alcorn

The spending habits of man versus the generosity of God

Christmas has always been synonymous with generosity and the giving of gifts.

Two words we hear quite a lot these days is ‘consumer sentiment’. Simply put, it’s a measurement that reflects people’s willingness (or resistance) to spend their money. Prevailing conditions in the community – social, economic and political – all affect this. During the Christmas season, retailers are extremely interested in consumer sentiment because that determines the level of people’s spending, particularly on the gifts to friends and family.

Christmas is a wonderful reminder that God’s generosity was not limited by prevailing social conditions. In fact, it was into those conditions that He gave the human race the greatest gift of all: His own son, Jesus Christ.This gift of God came at great cost. He didn’t limit His giving but instead He gave the most extravagant, life-giving gift in the midst of a climate of spiritual poverty.

We will all have opportunity to both give and receive gifts this Christmas. Our prayer is that many who are given the invitation to receive God’s incredible gift will choose to accept it with joy.

The Australian Christian Churches pray that you have a blessed Christmas, and peace for the New Year.