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August 2016 - ACC National

Make sure your faith counts in the Australian Household Census on Tuesday 9 August 2016. This is the message from the ACC, who is encouraging people to record their answer for the question on religion. The Census collects data provides a statistical survey of Australian life which is important for shaping the future of the…

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March 2016 - Wayne Alcorn, ACC National President

The hope and certainty of Easter stands in stark contrast to the doubt and cynicism that defines the modern era.

Society has become jaded by those in positions of influence and power who make bold statements, only to retract them at a later stage. But statements made at the time of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ – though challenged – have never been retracted.

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December 2015 - Wayne Alcorn

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” The words of this well-known Christmas song point us to consider the amazing spirit of giving that prevails over this festive season.

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May 2015 - ACC

ACC International Relief (ACCIR) launched a national Humanitarian Relief Appeal following the deadly earthquake in Nepal at the end of April. ACCIR’s long standing partner, Ps Ashok Adhikari, and members of his church networks have been working tirelessly to assist many families who are in desperate need.

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December 2014 - Wayne Alcorn, ACC National President

Every one of us faces storms in life that can have devastating effects on our health, relationships, home and finances. There are some who have been battered by unrelenting storms throughout this past year who may be feeling weary from their battles. Our nation has been shocked by the incidents surrounding the recent Sydney siege. Thankfully, in the midst of any storm, we can run to a place of peace that is found in the person and presence of Jesus.

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