Care for the Environment
ACC position on caring for the environment
March 2022 -

The ACC believes it is thus imperative that the Christian Church play its part in helping to sustain a healthy environment for future generations. This will be achieved, first, by preaching and teaching about our responsibility as people created in God’s image to care for the environment that is loved by God, and second, by incorporating practical creation care activities into the mission of the Church.

Christian faith understands the earth and its natural ecosystem to be created by God and thus inherently valuable, even sacred. As such, care for the natural environment is not an incidental or merely practical issue, but an essentially spiritual issue as well.

The 21st century presents human society with environmental challenges the likes of which have never before been encountered. Extinction of species, destruction of habitats, pollution of land, air, and water, as well as the global threat of climate change, stand together as one of the central moral challenges of the present age. While the ACC has no claim to expertise in this field, we commit to work with the broader society in its systemic efforts to reduce the negative impact of humans on the environment. We support all efforts to improve the environment, i.e. advocating for clean water, better air quality and pollution reduction.