Responding with Kindness and mercy
August 2021 - ACC National

The ACC believes we should do everything we can in Australia to help assist those fleeing for their lives in Afghanistan.

This week the ACC joined the Refugee Council of Australia’s call for Federal MPs to respond to the crisis in Afghanistan, and stands with Christians United For Afghanistan calling for a greater intake of Afghan refugees.

ACC National President, Pastor Wayne Alcorn, said, “The situation in Afghanistan has horrified us all. We believe that in our privileged nation, we have the opportunity to do whatever we can to respond with kindness and mercy, to assist those desperate to leave Afghanistan.

“We are grateful that our Australian Government has been willing to help those in the very dire situation in Afghanistan. As Christians, we stand ready to assist in whatever we can.”

ACC has launched an Afghanisation Appeal among our 1,000 churches to raise funds to help those fleeing Afghanistan and to assist with helping traumatised Afghan people find safe resettlement.

We continue to pray for the people of Afghanistan in these turbulent times.