ACC National Day of Prayer & Fasting
August 2017 - ACC National

The ACC National Executive has called for a National Day of Prayer & Fasting among ACC churches as Australia heads towards the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey.

We are calling a National Day of Prayer and Fasting for all our churches, and asking people to join us on Tuesday 12 September 2017 to fast and pray for:

• Our nation, Australia
• Righteous government – at all levels
• Family
• The Church

The ACC supports the Biblical view of marriage as a lifelong, exclusive union between a man and a woman, and recognises the potential consequences for Christians, should the legislation be passed. The ACC is encouraging all Christians to vote ‘No’.

Let us be prayerful and gracious whilst holding true to our convictions, confident always that Jesus will always keep His promise ‘to build His Church’. Through it all it is important that we are respectful of ALL people; even those who strongly disagree with our views.

We appreciate your prayer and support.