ACC National Conference 2021
Prime Minister addresses delegates
April 2021 - ACC National

It was a great honour that the Prime Minister of Australia accepted our invitation to attend the opening night service of the biennial National Conference of the Australian Christian Churches on the Gold Coast.

Over 1800 delegates, comprised of church leaders, chaplains, community workers and counsellors from across the nation, were encouraged by his message that focussed on community. Quoting from Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, the Prime Minister spoke of our responsibility towards others and caring for the individuals across Australian society.

“I need you to keep building community in this community,” he said. “We need to let each and every Australian know that they are valued, that they are important, that they are significant.”

The theme of the three-day ACC National Conference was ‘One’, with the emphasis on unity and working together.

Official invitations were extended to the National Office of the Prime Minister, as well as to Federal Members across the political spectrum, to attend on the opening night.