ACC EMAG #2 (2023)
OUTPOURING ACC23 National Conference edition
April 2023 - ACC National

The ACC23 National Conference edition focuses on the theme Outpouring, with a selection of articles on the Holy Spirit.

• The Spirit of Pentecost by Wayne Alcorn

• The Game Changer by Joel Chelliah

• Preparing for an Outpouring by Corey Turner

• The Life Giving Spirit by Sean Stanton

• Outpouring of Favour by Jacqui Grey & Kristy Mills

• Worship is Pneuma by Stacey Hilliar

• 6 Reasons why we should speak in tongues by David Hall

• Awaken the Giant by Mark Edwards

• Staying focussed in a world of distraction by Andrew Groza

… and more news and resources

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