ACC EMAG #2 (2022)
Ready for Harvest
April 2022 - ACC National

Read online: The second edition of the ACC Emag for 2022 includes news, interviews and articles, including:

  • SPECIAL FEATURE: Celebrating 40 Years of Youth Alive

  • Insights For Post-Covid Church
    by Brad Bonhomme, Mark Varughese, Paul Bartlett & David Hall

  • Breaking Barriers: Restoring Trust in the Church
    by Rev Jacqueline Grey  

  • Digging Online Wells 
    by Dave Adamson

  • Digital Church in a Lonely World
     by Benjamin Windle

  • Living the ‘with God‘ life by Ally Cawthorn

  • Why Pastors Need Mentors 
    with Paul & Annette Bartlett

  • Australia’s 1st Pentecostal University College

  • Generous Response – ACCI Reports on Appeals, Relief & Floods 

PLUS Lots more News, Interviews and New Releases