ACC Safer Church Online Induction & Refresher Course

ACC Safer Churches Online Induction Course

The ACC Safer Church Online Induction course is equivalent to the face-to-face Safer Churches Awareness Workshop.

The preferred training format for ACC Credential Holders is the face-to-face Safer Churches Awareness Workshop. However, the online course is an option for Credential holders who are unable to attend a Workshop, and is a recognised equivalent for the training required to hold an ACC Credential.

The Online course is also a great option for ACC Kids and Youth leaders & volunteers (non-credentialed), and for your church boards and other workers.

ACC Safer Churches Refresher Course

The ACC Safer Churches Online Refresher is a course for all church workers in ACC churches, that provides participants the opportunity to refresh their memory on Safer Churches concepts, provides new information and opportunities for reflection on current implementation of the ACC Child Protection Policy and Safer Churches Guidelines. This course is for those who have previously completed the ACC online Induction or face to face Safer Churches workshop.

Completion of this course is a requirement for all ACC credential holders every 3 years.

Accessing the ACC Safer Church Online courses:

Enrol in Induction course View Course User Guide For Induction Course Enrol in Refresher course

Cost for the course is $30 per person, payable as part of enrolment.