Gerard Keehan

Executive Member

GERARD KEEHAN and his wife Sue currently pastor the thriving Globalheart Church in Perth, WA.

Gerard made a decision for Christ in 1981 and began attending Penrith Christian Fellowship Centre, NSW, where he grew in the things of God. In 1983, he attended Penrith Christian Fellowship Centre night school and received a diploma.

In 1984, Gerard married his wife Sue and two years later, they joined Hills Christian Life Centre (Hillsong Church) where Gerard attended IICM/Power Ministries College in 1987. Gerard felt a strong call to full-time ministry and upon graduation he was offered a pastoral internship in 1988 at the Hillsong Church.After being a part of the Hillsong Church for six years, Gerard and Sue felt a passionate call to establish a church in London, England (Sue’s homeland) and were sent out to tackle this challenge towards the end of 1992. With just a handful of people they personally led many people to Christ who are still strongly involved in either London Hillsong or in other churches around the UK and world.

The Australian British combination of Gerard and Sue has also been a key part of God’s plan in enabling them to establish a thriving church in Perth, Western Australia in 1998. Today they have four services each weekend, including a satellite service near Fremantle.

With small resources and a passion for God and people the Keehans have seen God touch two cities, and able to purchase a multi-million dollar facility. They have also held leadership positions in their state, with Gerard having previously served on the WA State Executive and Sue currently the ACC State Women’s Leader in Western Australia. Gerard and Sue reside in Perth, WA and have three sons, Shaun, Nathan and Jordan who are all passionately involved in God’s house.